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The Levant

Map of the Levant The Levant - the region between Turkey and Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea.

The heartland of hummus is the Levant - the Eastern Mediterranean between Turkey and Egypt. It is the Western, Mediteranean center of the 'Fertile Crescent' also known as the 'Cradle of Civilization'. The region is believed to be the birthplace of agriculture, writing, the wheel, glass and, more importantly, hummus (a few other religions have started there too).

In Arabic the region is called بلاد الشام‎ Bilād ash-Shām or المشرق العربي‎ al-Mashrīq al-'Arabiyy. 'Levant' originates from the French for 'rising' - the rising of the Sun in the East.

The French Mandates of Syria and Lebanon, from 1920 to 1946, were called the 'Levant states'. Archaeologists adopted the term as important excavations, such as Mari and Ugarit, were made.

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