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Two stories in the Jewish Daily Forward: Love, Sex and Hummus, and The World's Best Hummus.

Some great reviews - in Spanish!: www.lavanguardia.com / El Pais / San Sebastian Festival / AISH

the Daily Camera - Boulder Film Festival / Magazynsmak - Polish food magazine / The Blurb / Broadsheet / Moviehole / Cinephilia / Film Blerg / Popcorn Junkie / FilmInk

See the full Chelsea Clugston review below.


Screening at the Vermont International Film Festival - October 15th, 20th

Screening at the international Film Series, Boulder, Colarado - October 13th

An interview with The Film Reporter

A fun trailer from San Sabastian

News from Trevor at the Transatlantyk Music and Film Festival: "Poland was great...3 screenings all sold out!"

Indonesian International Film, Festival - 2 awards

Special Jury Award

Gold Peace Award

San Sebastian International Film Festival

San Sebastian International Film Festival website

Following on from its successful 63rd Berlinale sell-out screening, Make Hummus Not War, has been officially selected to screen at this year's San Sebastian International Film Festival - one of the world's leading film festivals and the most prestigious in the Spanish speaking world.

This year's programme has seven films focussed on gastronomy. As usual, all of the screenings will be accompanied by themed dinners prepared by a select group of chefs and restaurants - to unite cinema and gastronomy - in a city that combines a competitive festival listed in its top category by the IFFPA with the highest number of Michelin stars per square meter in the world.

Transatlantyk Music and Film Festival

Make Hummus Not War screens in Poznan, at the Transatlantyk Music and Film Festival Poland in early August.

About the festival

Middle East Now

Firenze (Florence) Film Festival

Firenze Odeon
Firenze Odeon
Firenze Odeon Lobby
Firenze Odeon Lobby
Firenze Queue
Firenze MHNW Queue
MHNW Opening
MHNW Opening
Q and A
Q and A
Q and A audience
Q and A audience
Q and A
Hummus Party
Hummus Partygoers
Hummus Partygoers

Make Hummus Not War screened in April (2013) at the Middle East Now Film Festival in Florence a mixture of feature dramas and documentary films. It was a sold out screening at the beautiful Cinema Teatro Odeon. The cinema is housed in the Palazzo Strozzino built in 1462 and is considered one of the most interesting examples of Renaissance architecture. Palazzo Strozzino was renovated at the beginning of the 20th century and the rear of the building and the courtyard was transformed into an elegant art nouveau cinema-theatre which opened in 1922. To this day the Odeon retains the original sculptures, tapestries, and the wonderful period stained glass cupola. Over the years some of the most glamorous names in show business have appeared in this icon in the heart of Florence, musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, actresses such as Isabelle Adjani and Anjelica Huston, and directors such as Bertolucci, Branagh, Salvatores and Benigni. It hosted recently hosted the festival, '50days of International Cinema in Florence'

The Make Hummus Not War screening was accompanied by a pre-screening Lebanese meal prepared by a local restaurant, featuring hummus. The screening was followed by a Skype hook up with director, Trevor Graham in Sydney. Festival Co-director Roberto Ruta wrote, "the Hummus Night... it was a really amazing evening, people enjoyed very much your documentary and it was a real immersion into Middle East food and culture... we have received some days ago a message from a guy who attended the festival, and after having watched your movie went to Linas restaurant (in Jerusalem) to taste the real hummus!!!"

Byron Bay International Film Festival

Screening on March 10th, 2013

Berlinnale online media

Eine Nahost-Reise durch Küchen, Kultur und Politik

The German Trailer

What's new at the Berlinnale?

January 17, 2013

FIPA screenings:
24 January - 17:00 - the Auditorium (Le Bellevue)
26 January - 10:45 - the Gamaritz (Gare du Midi)

January 14

Sofia festival screenings

December 7th, 2012

Golden Kapok Award

Make Hummus Not War wins a Golden Kapok Award at Guangzhou International Documentary Festival.

November 21, 2012

Trevor on the RRR Grapevine

November 11, 2012

Trevor speaking at the Jewish International Film Festival in Sydney

October 15, 2012

"Make Hummus not War" has been selected in competition at the FIPA - January 22nd to 27th 2013


October 5, 2012

Make Hummus Not War announced as a finalist for
UNAA Media Peace Awards

October 4, 2012

ABC National interview: Trevor with Danny Katz and Waleed Aly

September 10, 2012

Trevor's article on the decline of Australian documentary film making in the Australian: Documentaries slaughtered for ratings success

August 19, 2012

ABC Radio - Sunday with Libbi Gorr - Trevor Graham talks about Make Hummus Not war: Audio file

August 16, 2012

MIFF Picks from Jim Schembri on 3AW

August 15, 2012

The Aristocrat review which is great but apparently our director has changed his name to Trevor Gordon!

August 12, 2012

The Rebecca Butterworth review in FILMink

August 11, 2012 - MIFF Premiere

A great success with much thanks to the MIFF team and ACMI's superb projection set up. The film was greeted with laughter (phew) and applause. Trevor spoke afterwards during a Q&A with co-producer/mate Ned with lots of questions about where to get good hummus. I think everyone in the cinema was very hungry by the end!

August 9, 2012

The Hayley Inch review in Broadsheet Melbourne

MIFF premiere

Melbourne International Film Festival

Make Hummus Not War has been sponsored by, and will premiere at, MIFF. Tickets can be purchased in advance (MIFF screenings get booked out very quickly).

August 8, 2012 - ABC Radio blog

The Main Ingredient with Kelli Brett.

August 7, 2012 - The Age

The press campaign begins and The Age is the first: Epicure's Bites.

August 6, 2012 - Site launch

The site is launched - hooray! Don't forget to Like us on Facebook...if you like us.

June 19, 2012 - MIFF

The Melbourne International Film Festival (one of our key investors), include Make Hummus Not War in the First Glance section of their web site. Tickets available!

May 17, 2012 - Final cut

We now have a completed feature version the audio restripe successfully happened this morning.

Denise Haslem, our editor, has had all the subtitles checked and they're OK.

Hummus? Houmos? Humous?

A review - by Chelsea Clugston

Just spelling the word creates conflict, as Australian filmmaker Trevor Graham reveals in his latest documentary, Make Hummus Not War. And in an already conflicted Middle East, this beloved dish of ground chickpeas is another source of intense rivalry. Inspired by the 'hummus war' of Lebanon and Israel, Graham embarks on a journey for answers: Who owns hummus? Who makes the best hummus? And most importantly, could hummus be the food of peace for the Middle East?

To find these answers, Graham traverses hummus bars from Beirut to Tel-Aviv; researches history to biblical times; visits chickpea farms in Palestine and large hummus corporations in America. He questions the hummus makers – and the eaters, whether they be Israeli families, Lebanese government ministers, or all-knowing taxi drivers. Make Hummus Not War is a careful mix of light-heartedness and deeply ingrained cultural passion, as Graham highlights the ludicrous, yet acknowledges the underlying gravity for those with 'chickpeas in the blood'.

Graham's documentary blithely defies the standard parametres of its genre. Colourful animation, indelicate sound effects and tongue-in-cheek humour are all defining features of the documentary, producing an informative yet unexpectedly humorous piece. If you're going to the film unsure how 77 minutes of chickpeas could possibly enlighten, entertain or just keep you awake, you will leave laughing and – it must be said – hungry for hummus.

To Graham, humour is an important feature of documentaries; a way to engage and connect with the audience.

"I think documentaries don't embrace humour enough," Graham admits.

"If you can all laugh together, and you can all laugh about your problems together, the world might be a slightly better place."

To Graham, the idea that Middle Easterners could embrace hummus as a symbol of peace is not so farfetched.

"As various people say in the film: it's something that we all share. It's a passion that we all share. That should be the starting point: what do we have in common? Quite often in conflict the starting point is: these are our differences. I know I'm sounding very simplistic, but why not? You do actually have to start somewhere."

Graham aims to get the film shown in Israel and elsewhere across the Middle East.

"The point of the film is really to engage people, and I think it's doing that. The real test will be: will it work with an Israeli audience, a Palestinian audience, a Lebanese audience… to bring people together, to laugh, to enjoy, to get a sense of history, to get a sense that maybe conflict can be resolved."

Monash University Middle Eastern politics expert, Dr Benjamin MacQueen, says films generally don't make huge impacts on political conflict, but they have the potential for influence.

"I think an important thing to remember with the Israeli conflict is that there is a greater diversity of opinion on the conflict – in Israel – than there is in Australia or the United States. So those sorts of subjective cultural elements – like film, like literature, like public debate – can have a pretty profound impact on the way people understand their place in society."

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