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Elon Gold - hummus vs Hamas

Elon Gold is an American stand up comic, television actor, writer and producer. His hysterically funny stand-up routine Hummus vs Hamas was performed at and provided courtesy of the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Sasha Baron Cohen did a similar comic confusion play on words in Bruno Leads the Debate on Hummus when he was set loose in Jerusalem.

Brüno (Sasch Baron Cohen) - hummus vs Hamas

Sacha Baron Cohen is an English stand-up comedian most widely known for his alter-egos: Ali G, Borat, Brüno, and Admiral General Aladeen. Baron Cohen's characters interact with unsuspecting people for comic situations and self-revealing ridicule. 'Brüno' is a flamboyantly gay, allegedly-19-year-old, Austrian fashion show presenter.

Archival Footage

Much of the archive used in Make Hummus Not War is provided by Critical Past in the United States www.criticalpast.com CriticalPast was formed by a team of archival research, film, and Internet professionals, working together to create one of the largest privately held online archival footage sources in the world. Drawn largely from U.S. government agency sources, the clips and images in the CriticalPast.com collection are available for license without the clearance concerns encountered when ordering from typical stock footage providers.

We are providing these clips for film, history buffs and students to see these newsreels in their entirety and to contextualise their use in the film.

Jewish refugees from Europe attempt to land in Palestine, October 1947

Formation of Israel in May 1948. Jewish refugees aboard a ship. A sign reads 'United Nations Palestine Commission'. Jewish troops holding guns walk on the ruins of building. The dead Jewish people on street. Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion enters a building. The Jewish soldiers stand holding guns. A flag of Israel flutters in air. The Israel delegates go to the United Nations and seek for a separate state for Jewish. The new state of Israel is born and flags are raised. People cheer and celebrate. From a July 2, 1964 newsreel of "Yesterday's Big Story".

Russia Back UN Plan For Holy Land - Universal Newsreel

A newsreel titled 'US-Russia back UN plan for Holy Land 'shows Jewish refugees on board a former American vessel as they reach Palestine.

Terror Grips Palestine - Universal Newsreel

A newsreel titled 'Terror grips Palestine' shows passports of Jews being checked as they leave the country. They board a train and wave goodbye. A ship carrying large number of Jews arrives at the coast and the injured are being carried away. Bomb blast occurs at British Officers Club in Palestine killing 16 people. Injured being carried out from a wrecked building by the soldiers. Suspects being arrested and captives being searched for weapons. Soldiers patrol the streets as Martial Law is imposed in the city.

Palestine - New Jewish State Formed Amid Strife - images only

Palestine Date: 1948 Israeli soldiers occupy towns in 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict. United Nations meets. People celebrate Israel in NY. Israeli Hagganah soldiers advance through war torn town during 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict. Israeli soldiers search Arabs at a checkpoint. Arabs detained by Israelis. Palestinian refugees fleeing Israeli occupied area carrying their belongings (one using a baby carriage for that purpose). Delegates conversing between sessions. Jewish people celebrate the new State of Israel, in New York City. A boy hoists the new country's flag from an apartment window, as crowd stands outside and celebrates. A group of young people dance the Hora (circle dance) in the midst of the crowd.

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