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Hummus & Peace

The hummus war for me has raised some big questions. Despite their troubled history and animosity, people on both sides of this fight are essentially the same.

Family and food are at the centre of their lives ... and yes hummus. Call me crazy, call me naive, but if hummus is a food of love could it be the food of peace?

Trevor Graham

Hanan Ashrawi (PLO): can hummus bring peace?

Yehuda Litani: Mutual respect is the starting point for peace

Yehuda Litani: Hummus - a good way for Israelis and Palestinians to cooperate

Ilan Pappe - the hummus peace pipe

Found on YouTube: a very creative educational short film on Peace Journalism

Chefs For Peace

Kevork Alemian initiated Chefs for Peace in 2001

One of the inspirations for the Make Hummus Not War project was the multi faith organisation, Chefs For Peace based in Jerusalem.

In 2011 Trevor Graham met with their executive committee to seek their endorsement for Make Hummus Not War. Graham interviewed the organisation's convenor, Kevork Alemian, who is of Armenian heritage.

Kevork initiated Chefs for Peace in 2001, the same year that the Second Intifada exploded in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with the idea of using cuisine to demonstrate coexistence and to help heal Israeli-Palestinian relationships. Chefs from both sides of the conflict joined and they began a program of creating feasts featuring dishes that used unique ingredients from both sides of the 'fence'.

Chefs for Peace now involves 30 Jewish, Arab and Christian chefs. Their secret ingredient is mixing foods and produce from the three religious cultures into a singular 'Holy Lands' cuisine, so that one day this "fusion flavor" will bring together politicians from both sides to sit at the same table and share in harmony the Chef's fine food, including hummus at the centre of the table.

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